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Sunday Blog exercise is back on

I was just getting on this routine when I fell off because of some kind of intestinal thing I've been going through. I like to sit on the recliner with the laptop on my lap, but since I was hurting, I didn't want anything on me, so I took a couple weeks off just as I was getting in the groove with it.

I don't have much to say today either. Just being a solo soldier for my music and my healing. Not totally solo, my beautiful wife is helping, but she's away a lot for work this week.

I have gotten so into sitting still and healing, first in 2019 with the bacterial infection/hospital/recovery situation, and then when I got back to work after that, it was 6 months of back to the grindstone, 6-10 gigs per week plus teaching, plus I had to workout because of the physical issues.

Quarantine put me right back into healing. Luckily, we are safe and doing well. I needed this time for the hip surgeries and now whatever this belly thing is. We have eliminated a lot of the possibilities, but still waiting for one more test on April 1.

I also needed the time to re-evaluate the music and get in the woodshed. Haven't been able to do that in a while. I now am back to daily practice, and plan to hold on to that forever. Bach, old standards, pop tunes, blues, original tunes by artists I admire. People will call me jazz because that's the name on what I teach students, and also because I learn from the tradition that people think has that name. I like what people call avant-garde too, but it doesn't sound avant-garde to me, because I don't know what that sounds like. Depends on your point of reference I guess. I got called that by liking Monk once, and to me he's standard. But wild in performance, so maybe that's why. If you listen to any style for a certain amount of days, months and years, it sounds normal to you.

I like music. I like my metal right hip now. I haven't lived without serious pain there in at least 5 years, so this is a blessing and a true gratefulness. Medical technology. After the left one, I may be so happy you might not even recognize me.

I don't think I have much else to say right now, so I'll just sign off after saying I hope anyone reading this is well, I hope you are happy, I hope you are getting or about to get that vaccine, I hope you have a job and people to love you and be with you, and I hope we hang out sometime after this pandemic.



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Mar 19, 2021

G I know I am late responding to this blog. I love reading your musings and am thankful for your wishes. Ron and I are doing well. I got my first shot of the vaccine and am waiting to get the second so I can go out and hear some live music. I am sure you know that after my beautiful husband and my family, live music is my great love. It does something good for my heart and my body . I didn't know if you heard that I had my first treatment for the spinal stenosis which had me in excruciating pain for a couple of years an epidural block. I think it was successful now th…

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