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This week I will get a colonoscopy, and if that goes well, I will be getting my left hip replaced soon. I got the right one replaced in December, and I have been in so much less pain recently than the last 4 years. I am in doctor mode a lot these days. But I have needed this for so long, and by the time I am recovered enough to work, I will also be vaccinated and ready to go. The colonoscopy is a year early, but just being safe because I had a few weeks of intestinal pain a month and a half ago. No problems were detected in blood work and CAT scan, so that's good.

I am a loner, a good solo piano practicer, and a good couch potato, and I have also had a need to be, not only because of Covid, but also because I have been recovering from different things. Grateful that I survived what could've been fatal in 2019, a bacterial infection, grateful that I haven't had Covid or anything else other than arthritis. I certainly know folks who are and have gone through worse. Peace and blessings to you in your sufferings. But I am saying here that it was good that I got to stay home for a year, and also have the time for these surgeries and recoveries that I have needed. It worked out for me to be able to stay inspired and to find things to work on, for the first time in years that excite me by just staying home and working.

Having said all that, It will be good to get back into the world. I am glad that things are in the beginning stages of hopefully getting back to some sort of normalcy. I don't know if that's actually possible, but I do know I will be glad to make music with other people, and hopefully sometime soon.

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