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Gerald Stephens is a Memphis pianist, keyboardist, and music teacher with a 30-year performing career playing almost all styles of music.


In 2013, Gerald released Cycles, featuring original compositions and several styles of instrumental performance.*


Gerald received his Bachelor's Degree in Recording Technology from University of Memphis in 1995, and his Master's Degree in Piano Performance in 2014, also from U of M. He is professor of jazz piano at Rhodes College, and performs regularly.

*See Bio/Resume page for more recordings and information. 

Upcoming gigs:

9/23/23: MoonDance, Memphis

9/24/23: Itta Bena, Memphis, with Logan Hanna

9/25/23: Itta Bena, Memphis, with Susan Marshall

9/26/23: Itta Bena, Memphis, with Joe Restivo

9/27/23: Itta Bena, Memphis, with Kirk Smothers

9/29/23: Rhodes Faculty Jazz Band featuring Joyce Cobb, Rhodes College, Fisher Garden

9/30/23: Love Light Orchestra, Crosstown Theatre, Memphis

10/03: Itta Bena, Memphis, with Joe Restivo

10/05/23: Love Light Orchestra, King Biscuit Blues Festival, Helena, AR

10/08/23: Itta Bena, Memphis, with Logan Hanna

10/09/23: Rhodes College, Hassell Hall

10/11/23: Itta Bena, Memphis, with Susan Marshall

10/12/23: Soul Scrimmage, Railgarten, Memphis

10/15/23: Hope Clayburn, Memphis Made benefit

10/25/23: Itta Bena, Memphis

10/26/23: Dixon Museum, Memphis, Art Opening for Painting with Parkinson's class

10/28/23: Left Unsung

11/01/23: Symmetry, BSide Memphis

Follow Gerald at these sites for current recordings, live online performances, and social media posts:'sPsychedelicBluesPage

Gerald Stephens--Cycles

In July of 2013, after many years as sideman and musical colloborator (see Bio for details), Gerald released Cycles, his first ever album as a leader, and the first complete album consisting solely of his own compositions. Many of Memphis' finest musicians are featured in several combinations to fully realize Gerald's music.

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